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Cattle Feed Pellet Machine

Cattle Feed Pellet Machine

Product Name: Flat Die And Ring Die Cattle Feed Pellet Mill

Capacity: 40kg/h-100t/h

Size of Die Hole: 1.5mm-15mm

Power: 3kw-132kw

Raw materials: oil cakes, agro-residues such as peanut seedling, grass, maize straw, wheat straw, grain, wheat bran etc., flour mill by-products, cereals, molasses, and so on.

Product Description

Cattle feed pellet is a type of compound feed mainly made from barley, forage, bean, bran, wheat, corn, and additives, such as vitamins, minerals, and other essential micro-ingredients. Pelleting allows the use of a wider variety of ingredients without obvious changes in the physical properties of the diet. It is simply put the feed in a concentrated form. The pellets are very nutritional and can satisfy the growth needs of cattle in different growth stages. By combining moisture, heat, and pressure on feed ingredients, a degree of gelatinization is produced, which allows cattle to better utilize the nutrients in these ingredients. The feed pellets are widely used in small-sized farms and large-medium feed factories.

Cattle Feed Pellets VS Traditional Feed

Compared with traditional cattle feed, cattle feed pellets show more advantages. Cattle feed pellets can satisfy the nutritional need of cattle and help cattle gain weight fast, and produce more milk than traditional feed like chopped straw. As we all know, powder of chopped straw can stack in the cattle’s stomach and caused cattle tumor and indigestion diseases. However, with pelleted shape, the cattle feed pellets are with no such problems, and they contain more nutrition. Cattle feed pellets can not only improve the cattle performance but also improve the ratio of feed pellets conversion.

  • Decrease the waste of cattle feed
  • Reduce the auto rating of feed
  • Decrease the time of feed intake and energy expenditure
  • Kill harmful organisms
  • Enhance the palatability of feed

How to Make Quality Cattle Feed Pellets by Cattle Feed Pellet Machinery?

The process of cattle feed pellets is mainly physical change. Without changing the nutrients that materials contain, the process contains mixing the materials and additives together. As the quality of cattle feed pellets can directly affect the breeding status of cattle, the final cattle product quality and benefits of cattle farmers, so it is very important for cattle farmers to make high quality cattle feed pellets. The cattle feed pellets processing steps are as follows:

Material selection: Choose the materials that can offer different nutrients that cattle need and suitable additives. Besides that, the share of each material should be strictly controlled as it can directly affect the durability of pellets.

Crushing: Crush the materials into powdery materials by feed hammer mill.

Mixing: Mix the crushed ingredients evenly by feed mixing machine.

Pelletizing: In this step, material modulation and physical situation control is important for the quality of pellets. Heat, time of adding water and quantity, steam are all essential factors for pelleted type. The die-hole diameter of feed pellet mill and the die thickness also affect the quality of pellets, relatively pellets hardness and the pellet machine output.

Flat Die Cattle Feed Pellet Mill

Cattle feed pellet machine, someone called small cattle feed machine, which belongs to the feed pellet making equipment. It is one of the animal feed pellet making machine which based on the corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husk as raw materials. The small cattle feed pellet machine can conveniently process the powder feed into pellet feed, which changes the defects of inconvenient feeding, poor palatability, picky feeding of livestock, low utilization rate of the feed after processing the feed into powder.

The production of the cattle feed pellet machine is 60-1300 kg/h, and the user can choose according to the amount of feed produced. The main shaft and flat die of the cattle feed pellet machine drive the pressure roller under the action of friction. The material is gelatinized at high temperature between the pressure roller and the template. After protein coagulation and denaturation, it is discharged from the mold hole under the pressure roller extrusion. The feed pellet is sent out of the small cattle feed machine by the throwing plate, and the length of the pellet can be adjusted through the incision.


Flat Die Cattle Feed Pellet Production Line

Small flat cattle feed line contains crushing, mixing, pelletizing, cooling, screening and packing pellets parts. Full line machines contain crusher, mixer, pellet machine, cooler, crumbler, screener, silos packing machine and conveyors ect. We will design the full pellet line Flow chart according to your raw materials dimension and specific requirement.

The maize and soya bean meal (store & directly feed on ground) is sucked into the Grinding Machine and crushed into fine powder. Any other powder/soft materials, such as wheat bran, bone meal, microelement, vitamin, etc, which don’t need to be crushed, they can directly feed into the Vertical Mixing Machine from its feeding port. All materials are mixed uniformly and discharged into the hopper of Screw Conveyor then feed into Temporary Storage Silo by screw conveyor. By Screw Feeder, the mixed materials are uniformly and continuously feed into the Pellet Mill then produced into feed pellets. The pellets are discharged into the hopper of Belt Conveyor then feed into the Pellet Cooling Machine through Air Lock. With the cooling process, the fresh & hot pellets are cooled, the pellet temperature is not more 5 than the room temperature. The cooled pellets are screened by the Vibrating Screen, then they can be packaged.

This cattle feed pellet production line can be used for processing livestock, poultry and aquatic feed pellets, which is specially suitable for medium feed factory, breed farm or aquatic base. It has the better raw material versatility, which can be suitable for pelletizing many kinds of raw material, such as corn, broomcorn, wheat, beans, oil seed meal and other materials . And also, this manufacturing plant for animal feed has the features of low energy consumption and high production efficiency for larger profits. We provide free charge of installation, and training, factory designing, and timely after-sale service.

The Advantages of Flat die Cattle Feed Machine

Through the processing of small cattle feed machine, the starch in the feed can produce a certain degree of maturation and produce a strong fragrance. Moreover, the feed is hard in texture, which conforms to the rodent biological characteristics of pig, cattle and sheep, improves the palatability of the feed and makes it easy to eat.

The use of a cattle feed pellet machine can denature the pancreatic enzyme resistance factor in grains and beans while reducing the incidence of indigestion.

Feed processed by small cattle feed machine is easy to feed, high utilization rate, easy to control feeding quantity, save feed, clean and sanitary.

Ring Die Cattle Feed Pellet Mill

First, the ring die feed pellet machine. The ring die feed pellet machine’s hourly output is larger than the flat die feed pellet machine, generally between 1 tons-15 tons. Often used in conjunction with a variety of large and medium pellet units. Our common large-scale cattle and sheep feed pellet unit is the matching ring die feed pellet machine. Choose different models according to different output

The feeding port of the ring die feed pellet machine is small, and because of the setting of its model, it is often equipped with a uniform speed feeder or a forced feeder. Depending on the quality of the feed required by the user, a conditioner can be added. The conditioner is generally used together with the boiler. The water vapor generated by the boiler can fully mature the feed and can also supplement the moisture content in the feed. Ring feed pellet machines are generally selected for feeds that need to be fully cooked.

Main Power(kw)22303755110132
Feeding Power(kw)0.750.750.750.751.51.5
Conditioner Power(kw)
Ring Dia(mm)250300320350420508
Pellet size(mm)Φ1.5, Φ2, Φ2.5, Φ3, Φ3.5, Φ4, Φ4.5, Φ5, Φ6, Φ8 etc
Applicationcattle, chicken, duck, rabbit, goose, sheep etc

Ring Die Cattle Feed Pellet Mill Production Line

Raw Material →Feed Grinder →Feed Mixer → Feed Pellet Mill → Counterflow Cooler → Feed Pellets Crumbler → Feed Pellets Grading Sieve → Automatic Weighing and Packing Machine

The medium capacity animal feed pellet production line here refers to the 1-15TPH Feed Pellet Line. It is usually built for small or medium scale animal feed production factories. The medium feed pellet line can process feed pellets for poultry, livestock and also fish (aquatic feed). The main machines in this kind of pellet production line include: feed hammer mill, silo, mixing machine, ring die feed pellet mill, feed pellet cooling machine, feed pellets packaging machine, etc.

Ring Die Cattle Feed Pellet Mill Production Line

With years of experience in feed processing machinery R&D, We have more than 10 engineers in making business plans of feed pellet production lines for clients from domestic and abroad.

Product Features:

  • 1. The ultra-fine 1.5mm millstone is used for breeding miniature birds, aquatic animals, etc., such as: (indigo chin, white eye and other birds breeding)
  • 2. The 2.0 mm millstone is for breeding: parrots, thrushes, finches and other pet birds.
  • 3. The 2.5 mm millstone is used for breeding: young rabbits, young chickens, young ducks, young geese, young pigeons, young birds, young peacocks, young aquatic fish and other small animals.
  • 4. The 3-4 mm grinding disc is for breeding: rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, birds, peacocks, aquatic fish, etc. (3-4 mm specifications are 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm for your choice)
  • 5. 5-6mm millstones are breeding: pigs, cattle, sheep, dogs, pigs, horses (5-6mm sizes are 5.0mm, 6.0mm for your choice)
  • 6. 7-12mm is generally used to make bait, large birds, mice and other large animals, and it takes a few days to customize (7-12mm specifications are 7.0mm, 8.0mm, 9.0mm, 10mm, 12mm for your choice)
  • 7. If you have any special requirements, please note the diameter requirements of the particle machine grinding disc, and we will install, debug and ship according to your requirements.
  • 8. The size of the aperture size of the grinding disc of the feed pellet machine is a kind of grinding disc according to the customer’s requirements. Please inform us of the type of animal you breed and the size of the animal in the process of communicating with us, so that it is convenient for us to give You recommend the hole size of the grinding disc that suits you.

Cattle Feed Pellet Mill Factory

Ring die feed pellet mill is widely adopted to setup medium or large scale feed pellet processing plant for poultry, cattle or fish. Now, starting feed manufacturing business by setting up a commercial feed pellet project has been a hot investment in many regions since the increasing and huge demand for animal feed pellets.

If you are now considering to entering animal feed processing industry, just take actions quickly. It is definitely a profitable investment. If there are any questions about the feed pellet plant setup cost, machine specifications and others, just contact us for more technical information!

Animal Feed Pellet Making Machine for Production of Various Animal Feed

In addition to cattle feed pellet machine, we also have animal feed pellet making machines for other animal. Feed pellet machines for pig, chicken, fish, bird, horse are very popular with customers. The small animal feed pellet making machine is widely used in home animal feed production. Animal feed pellets production line can be purchased in large-scale demand places such as animal farms, small farms, feed processing plants and so on.

If you have the need of animal feed pellet making machine, welcome to send us an inquiry, our experts will recommend the suitable pellet model for you.





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