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Especially good for charring hardwoods, bamboo, and sawdust briquettes.

The whole machine is shipped without disassembly and reinstallation

The horizontal charcoal furnace is the carbonization equipment for processing various charcoal. This is another type of air-flow type charcoal making machine, which can not only carbonize wood chips, branches, bamboo, coconut shells, and logs, but also biomass briquettes, such as sawdust briquettes.

The main structure of the horizontal carbonization furnace includes an outer shell, an inner liner, a pipe, and smoke. Gas purification equipment, etc. Due to its large output and simple operation, this charcoal machine is very popular among charcoal processors.

industrial charcoal furnace for sale

Horizontal charcoal furnace’s working principle

The log horizontal carbonization furnace can use the combustible gases such as carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen, etc. generated by the incomplete combustion of biomass raw materials during the carbonization process, and separate impurities such as wood tar and wood acetic acid through a flue gas separation device to obtain pure combustible gas.


These combustible gases will then enter the self-equipped burner of the machine through the induced draft fan for full combustion, heating the cylinder of the horizontal airflow carbonization furnace (the temperature is generally controlled at about 600 ℃). When heated to a certain temperature, it can be fed for carbonization.

When the carbonization of raw materials in the charcoal furnace is not fully burned to produce enough combustible gas, the gasifier should be gradually closed.

And the flue gas valve of the carbonization host should be opened to realize the self-sufficiency of combustible gas in the carbonization process.

Such a carbonization process can recycle combustible gas, save fuel, and reduce environmental pollution.

Main structure of the log charcoal furnace

Although the horizontal charcoal making machine has a simple structure, its manufacturing process is very sophisticated and contains many components, such as the gasification system, flue gas purification system, carbonization system, control system, combustion system, and power system.

horizontal carbonization furnace is in manufacturing
  1. Gasification system (including gasification furnace, combustible gas tank);
  2. Flue gas purification system (including purification spray tower, condensation tower, heat exchange tower, tar separator);
  3. Carbonization system (including drum host, feeder, charcoal conveyor, finished product cooler);
  4. Control system (including: control cabinet);
  5. Combustion system (including gas pipeline, stove);
  6. Power system (including main engine power system, frequency conversion fan).
inner structure of the horizontal charcoal furnace

Applications of the horizontal charcoal making machine furnace

The horizontal charcoal furnace and other types of carbonization furnaces, such as continuous carbonization furnaces, vertical airflow carbonization furnaces, and spontaneous combustion carbonization furnaces, are important equipment for the production of charcoal.

Therefore, charcoal producers and charcoal processing plants should choose their own carbonization machines according to their actual production needs.

log charcoal furnace’s applications

Sawdust, dried bamboo, wood chips, branches, log segments, coconut shells, palm shells, straws, jute stalks, peanut shells, distillers grains, etc. can all be used for carbonization.

In addition, solid sawdust briquettes processed by the sawdust briquette machine can also be carbonized with this machine.

small charcoal furnace with horizontal design

It should be noted that the raw materials processed by the horizontal carbonization furnace should not be too small and light, and the water content should be less than 40%.

The carbonization process of the horizontal charcoal making machine

First, the log sections and branches are neatly placed in the iron frame, and then the iron frame is pushed into the furnace cavity of the carbonization furnace through the conveyor track. If the raw materials are coconut husks and broken branches, they can be directly added to the furnace barrel of the carbonization furnace.

structure of the horizontal carbonization furnace

Then, close the cover of the airflow horizontal charcoal furnace, and use mud or insulation cotton to close the gap near the cover.

Then, the gasification furnace is used to ignite the fuel in the ignition port at the bottom of the carbonization furnace to fully burn it. Then observe the temperature of the carbonization furnace and whether it produces combustible gas.

lump charcoal furnace with big capacity

When the temperature of the carbonization furnace thermometer reaches about 400°C, the gasification furnace should be shut down and the combustible gas generated in the carbonization furnace is used for cyclic combustion.

The capacity of the log charcoal furnace

The horizontal airflow carbonization furnace manufactured by our factory mainly consists of three models, namely DU-1300, DU-1500, and DU-1900.

The output of these three models of horizontal charcoal making machine from 12h to 14h is 900-1200kg respectively, 1500-2000kg, 2500-3000kg.

carbonized charcoal

Moreover, the prices of different types of horizontal charcoal furnaces are different, and customers can choose according to their own production needs.

Diameter of the horizontal charcoal making machine furnace

DU-1300  900-120025003*1.7*2.2
DU-1500 1500-200040004.5*1.9*2.3
DU-1900  2500-300055005*2.3*2.5
horizontal carbonization shipped to Indonesia
charcoal furnace for shiping to Ghana