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Pellet Weighing And Packing Machine

Pellet Weighing And Packing Machine

Weighing range: 25~50kg

Production capacity: ≤10-15t/h

Packing speed: 150~300 bags/h

Power supply voltage: 380V/220V/50HZ-60HZ

Temperature: -10℃~+45℃

Weighing accuracy: ±0.2%

Air pressure: 0.4~0.8Mpa

Belt running speed: 3.6~18m/min

Product Description

Wood Pellet Packing machine Introduction

Wood pellet packing machine, also known as pellet bagging machine, is used to weigh and pack wood pellets automatically. It can realize quantitative packing for granulate and powdery materials who have good fluidity, such as plastic pellets, rubber particles, fertilizer particles, chemical particles, grains, etc. The packing bags can be made of plastic, woven, kraft, sack, paper-plastic compound.

The automatic packing machine is a common equipment in large and medium sized pellet production line. It can accomplish automatic weighing, packing, conveying and sewing. For large-scale production, e.g. 5t/h or more, you’d better use an automatic wood pellet packing machine to save your labor and time.

Appication of Wood Pellets AutomaticWeighing Packaging Machine

Wood Pellets packing machine is mainly used to quantitatively packing particle materials, granular mixture, strip shape or bulk shape materials, such as feed pellets, fertilizer, Chinese herbal pieces, traditional Chinese medicine granules, gunk, washing powder, sugar, melon seeds, peanut, salt, gourmet powder, chicken essence, feed, grain, etc.

The automatic pellet weighing and packaging machine is suitable for large and medium-sized feed pellet production plants. Feed pellet packaging machine have been used in automatic weighing and packaging systems, combined with transport mechanisms and sewing machines. It has excellent performance and has been adopted by many large-scale feed pellet production plants.

Specifications of a wood pellet packing machine

  • The wood pellet packing machine is composed of a storage bin, weighing system, conveyor, packing system and an intelligent controller.
  • The storage bin serves to take over the materials and store them temporarily.
  • The weighing system can weigh specific quantity of materials.
  • The intelligent controller ensure the packing machine works automatically and accurately.
  • The conveyor serves to transmit the pellet bags from the weighing system to the sewing system. It is 3 meters long.
  • The wood pellet packing machine can pack 200-300 bags per hour. The weight of the bags ranges from 5kg to 50kg.

Structure of Feed Weighing and Packing Machine

  • The feed pellet packing machine is composed of storage bin, weighting system, conveying system, and control system.
  • 1. Storage bin: this part is applied to taking over or storing the feed pellets or other particle materials temporarily.
  • 2. Weighting system: the weight instrument can weigh specific weight of pellet material by setting data.
  • 3. Conveying system: it conveys the bags from last process to next process.
  • 4. Control system: the packing machine can works automatically and accurately with the control system, which is the brain of the pellet weigh and packing machine.

How does a wood pellet packing machine work

First, you need place the bag to the filling spout manually. Then, press the button to start. The pellet materials will accumulate in the hopper and be fed into the bags through the filling spout. The filling speed is controlled by a frequency converter. When the bag is filled up with pellets, the bag clamping device will open and the bag will be conveyed to the sewing device.

Roughly, the packing process can be divided as the following.

Manual bag placing → Automatic filling → Automatic weighing → Automatic conveying → Automatic sewing → next process

Automatic Wood Pellet Weighing & Packing System Features

  • With built-in PLC control system to realize automatic packing, our automatic wood pellet weighing and packing system is widely used in wood pellet, feed pellet, grain, chemical and metallurgy industry.
  • The intelligent meter can realize automatic calibration and allows manual calibration. It can reduce the error caused by long-term use and temperature change.
  • The wood pellet packing machine adopts a user-friendly operation interface. It can be connected with computers for data communication.
  • The integrate circuit ensures high stability and reliability. The high-precision sensor, pneumatic actuator ensures easy maintenance and non-pollution.
  • It adopts a free-dropping filling system. There is a precise valve that ensures the filling process is frequent and stable, with no jam or sticking.
  • Two weighers of biomass pellet packing machine can work together or separately.
  • The automatic control system can realize parameter setting, weight-drop revise, over-weight warning and auto-diagnosis.
  • The main body is made of carbon steel, painted with plastic. The material contact parts adopt stainless iron, resistant to corrosions.
  • Automatic weighing and packing system is suitable for particle materials with good fluidity and general powder materials. If the material is corrosive, the segments which contact with the materials can be made of stainless steel.
  • Equipped with full digital intelligent weighing control instrument, with high weighing accuracy, fast speed, easy operation, stable and reliable performance.
  • The instrument has a variety of functions, including: auto tare, zero tracking, out-of-tolerance alarm, communication, gross weight weighing, net weight and bag number accumulation, etc.
  • Can solve the problems caused by manual packaging like high labor intensity, inefficiency and low accuracy.
  • Reasonable design, convenient maintenance and repair.

Tips & Warnings of Wood Pellet Packing System

  • * Ensure that there are certain amount of materials in the surge bin in the normal production process, or it may affect the packing accuracy.
  • * Can’t reload the bags which already had materials during the automatic packing process.
  • * Please carefully read the operation instructions to avoid unnecessary operational errors and improper maintenance.

Wood Pellet Packing Machine Technical Data

ModelPacking Machine
Weighing range of each hopper5-50kg
Max weighing volume100kg
Weighing accuracy±0.2%
Air pressure0.4-0.6 Mpa
Air consumption0.5Nm3/min
Weighing methodSensor





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