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Small Complete Biomass Pellet Line

Small Complete Biomass Pellet Line

Capacity: 200KG/H-2T/H

Final product: pellet size 2-12mm diameter, pellet length is adjustable, accept customization

Raw materials: wood chips, sawdust, cotton stalk, sunflower shell, rice husk, peanut shell, bagasse, straw, coffee grounds, castor shell, tobacco residue, bamboo, jute residue, leaf mustard stalk, wheat-straw, palm shell, bean shell, wood waste, coconut shell, agricultural wastes, etc.

Product Description

Small Biomass Pellet Plant

Small biomass pellet making line is used to make biomass fuel pellets in small biomass pellets plant. It is specially suitable for small capacity biomass pellets production in farms or agro-products processing industry, complete wood pellet production is based on many materials like palm kernel shells, empty palm fruit brunches, etc.

The core part of small pellet plant is the flat die pellet machines. The production capacity of one pellet machine is 200-800kg/h, and you can combine several sets to achieve higher capacity. We can offer solutions of 500kg/h,1t/h, 2t/h, etc. They are suitable for small or medium scale factory, farm and new comers of biomass industry. Small wood pellet plant takes up less space. They are easier to install and maintain, and the cost is lower than large pellet plant who adopts ring die pellet machine for pelletizing. If large capacity wood pellet plant is needed, We can also design and manufacture for you!

Applications of Small Biomass Pellet Making Line

Small biomass pellets plant has high efficiency for making biomass pellets and wide application. It can be applied to various kinds of raw materials, such as wood chips, sawdust, cotton stalk, sunflower shell, rice husk, peanut shell, bagasse, straw, coffee grounds, castor shell, tobacco residue, bamboo, jute residue, leaf mustard stalk, wheat-straw, palm shell, bean shell, wood waste, coconut shell, agricultural wastes, etc.

Composition of Small Biomass Pellet Making Line

Small biomass Pellet Plant is composed of electric wood hammer mill, heat stove, raw material silo, airlock of wood hammer mill, sawdust pipeline flash dryer, air fan of pipeline dryer, air lock of pipeline dryer, screw conveyor, electric flat die wood pellet making machine, wood pellets cooling machine, belt type elevator.

A typical small pellet production includes the following process: Wood raw material processing (chipping, crushing)—drying—pelletizing—cooling—packing and storage.

(Note: pellets packing machine is also available according to your requirement.)

The combined unit of wood hammer mill and wood pellet mill can also be said to a simple wood pellet line for home use biomass pellets production if the material moisture content is just about 13-15%. For making biomass pellet for fireplace or stove use, we usually do not need to equip a pellet cooler or a pellet packing machine, for these auxiliary equipment can increase your cost. What’s more, for the whole pellet making process, the combined main parts of pellet mill and hammer mill can totally have a good performance. It is smooth working flowchart: after material crushed by the wood hammer mill, they will drop automatically into the wood pelletzing chamber by the force of cyclone.

Main Equipment in Small Biomass Pellets Production Line

● Electric wood crusher

Wood crusher is widely used to crush branches, stem, agro stalks and fiber materials. It is equipped with cutters and rotors to grind bamboo, sorghum stalk etc. Adopted with one motor, wood crusher has stable performance and low noise.

● Airflow pipeline sawdust dryer

Before sawdust is fed into the flat die wood pellet making machine, the moisture content should be at 8-12% in order to get high density biomass pellets, so pipeline sawdust dryer is necessary. Pipeline sawdust dryer can lower raw material moisture content to meet pelletizing requirement in one time.

● Screw conveyor

Screw conveyor is the equipment for conveying and feeding the biomass materials in to small pellet mill. Manual control type and frequency control type are common types of screw elevator. Frequency type improves the working frequency and avoids uneven feeding. You can choose suitable one according to your needs.

● Electric flat die wood pellet making machine

This electric flat die wood pellet mill is equipped to process sawdust into biomass pellets. It has wide application, such as agricultural residues, sawdust, forestry wastes, crops straws, etc. Flat die wood pellet mill is specially suitable for family or small scale industrial use with small capacity.

● Wood pellet cooler

Wood pellets discharged from wood pellet making machine have high temperature and moisture content, so cooling is necessary before packing. Counter flow pellet cooler is suitable for wood pellets cooling.

● Packing machine

If you process the pellets for sale, it is necessary to set a packing machine. You can select this part or not according to your requirement.

Features of Small Biomass Pellet Plant

  • 1. The specially designed flat die wood pellet mill in the combined pellet plant has much longer life span than common flat die pellet mill, template is also much thicker.( The thickness of the template will affect the quality of the pellet. When the Template is thicker, it is equal that the pelletizing process is longer, so the density of pellet will be higher, and the appearance of pellet will be smoother. And the life of the template will be longer)
  • 2. The whole wood pellet production line is equipped with an integrated control cabinet, more easy and convenient to control the working conditions.
  • 3. All the templates of our flat die wood pellet mill have been polished well before we transport to our clients. You will not need to waste time to polish it again and again.
  • 4. Various materials can be mixed together to make biomass pellets such as agricultural / harvest residues like Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB), Oil Palm Fronds (OPF), Rice husk, Straws, Bagasse.
  • 5. We match the special reducer on the small wood pellet mill which can guarantee the density and good quality of wood pellet.
  • 6. We can make pure wood pellet without any additives and the density of wood pellet is 1.1-1.4.
  • 7. The pellet mill roller is of moderate speed, at the same time, the machine noise is very low.
  • 8. We can make perfect turnkey design according to your materials and workshop.


★ The material moisture should be about 10 % – 13%, or else you should dry them in the sun before putting them into the wood hammer mill.

★ We can design other wood pellet plant with different capacities, you can tell us your material and output requirement, then a customized pelletizing solution is waiting for you!

Small Biomass Pellet Plant Manufacturer

As a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of pellet production equipment, all of our machines have won CE and ISO9000 certifications. Besides, they have been exported to many countries and won good reputations worldwide. We also have successfully established many large projects of wood pellet plants both domestic and abroad.





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