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How to Make Olive Pomace Into Biomass Pellets

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Olive pomace is a by-product created during the extraction of olive oil. It’s an excellent source of biomass fuel, often used in agricultural and industrial applications. This material is superior to fossil fuels, especially considering its high calorific value, which exceeds most agricultural biomasses. Plus, it’s concentrated and dense, making it a convenient energy source.

Olive Pomace pellets & briquettes

Olive Pomace Pellets: These are small, cylindrical-shaped pieces of olive pomace. They typically measure around 2 to 3 centimeters long and have a diameter of 6 millimeters.

Olive Pomace Briquettes: These are larger fire logs made from olive pomace. They’re shaped like traditional briquettes and are larger than the pellets.

Both pellets and briquettes are great ways to utilize olive pomace as a renewable energy source.

Production Process of Olive Pomace Pellets or Briquettes

Step 1: Drying

  • Purpose: Reduce the moisture content of olive pomace from 40-70% to 8-15% for efficient use as biomass.
  • Result: Obtain a dry and useful biomass material.

Step 2: Sieving

  • Purpose: Remove impurities like dust from the olive pomace to ensure high-quality pellets or briquettes.
  • Method: Use sieving equipment to separate the dust and other small particles.

Step 3: Grinding

  • Purpose: Reduce the size of the olive pomace to a fine powder for easier processing.
  • Equipment: Hammer mills or grinders are used to crush the olive pomace.

Step 4: Pelleting & Briquetting

  • Pelleting:
    • Purpose: Compress the olive pomace powder into cylindrical pellets.
    • Equipment: Ring Die Pellet Mill is used to form the pellets.
    • Size: Pellets typically have a length of 2-3cm and a diameter of 6mm.
  • Briquetting:
    • Purpose: Compress the olive pomace powder into larger, briquette-shaped logs.
    • Equipment: A briquette making machine is used to form the briquettes.
    • Size: Briquettes are larger than pellets.

Step 5: Packaging

  • Purpose: Prepare the pellets or briquettes for storage, transportation, and sale.
  • Process: Package the pellets or briquettes into appropriate containers or bags.

This production process ensures that olive pomace, a byproduct of olive oil production, is efficiently transformed into a renewable and valuable energy source in the form of pellets or briquettes.

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