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How to make fuel pellets from rice straw

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The rice straw pellet mill is crucial in processing rice straw into pellets. With over 10 years of experience, we’ve designed a machine specifically for converting rice straw and other straws into fuel pellets. We promise high-quality machines and excellent service.

Harvesting rice produces lots of straw. For every 4 tons of rice, you get 6 tons of straw. Many countries use straw as their main energy source, making up 14% of the world’s energy use. After processing it in our machine, the straw pellets can be used for cooking, drying crops, or as bedding for animals. They’re also used in industrial processes. With the energy crisis and global warming, recycling energy from rice straw has become more popular.

Making rice straw pellets with a rice straw pellet machine involves several steps. Here’s how it works:

  1. Removing Impurities: First, we need to remove any foreign objects from the rice straw. This is important because straw often contains more impurities than other materials.
  2. Grinding the Straw: Next, we use a hammer mill to reduce the size of the rice straw to less than 5mm. This ensures that the straw is uniform and ready to be pelletized.
  3. Checking the Moisture: Rice straw is usually air-dried and has a moisture content of around 15%. So, usually, we don’t need to dry it further. But if the moisture is higher, we’ll use a rotary drum dryer to reduce it.
  4. Pelletizing: After grinding and checking the moisture, we feed the straw into the pellet machine using a conveyor. Inside the machine, the straw is pressed between a die and a roller, and pellets are formed. These are then cut to the desired length, which is usually 6mm or 8mm for fuel pellets.
  5. Cooling the Pellets: Finally, we need to cool the hot pellets down to room temperature or a bit higher. This is done using a counterflow pellet cooling machine to ensure the quality of the pellets during storage and handling.

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