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Why make peanut shell pellets

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Peanut shells, which are the outer coverings of peanuts, are indeed husks derived from a green plant. They represent a renewable energy source that can be effectively utilized. Furthermore, peanut shell biomass energy raw materials undergo a deep processing procedure to produce pellet fuel with high heat and high density. Durable Machinery, as a professional supplier of biomass fuel production equipment, offers comprehensive solutions for those interested in building peanut shell pellets fuel. Feel free to contact us for more details!

Reasons to choose peanut shell pellets as fuel

Great Appearance.

Peanut shell pellet fuel looks really nice. It’s shaped like a cylinder, and its surface is shiny and slightly glossy. It’s quite dense and has a grayish-yellow color. Plus, it’s the perfect size for burning, with an outer diameter of 6-9 mm and a length of 10-36 mm.

High Combustion Efficiency.

    Peanut shell pellet fuel burns really well because it’s so dense. When it’s burning, the center gets really hot, like over 1100 degrees Celsius! And it releases a lot of heat too – up to 3700 to 4000 kcal per kilogram. Compared to coal and oil, it’s definitely a great choice.

    Strong Firepower and Low Ash.

      When peanut shell pellet fuel burns, it doesn’t break apart or scatter like some other fuels. It just burns cleanly and evenly. Because it’s made under high pressure, it’s really dense, so it burns hot and strong. Plus, with the right amount of air and oxygen, it can even burn twice, which means it’s really efficient and doesn’t pollute the air.

      Easy to Transport and Store.

        Since peanut shells are turned into pellets, they take up much less space – about 9 times less! That means they’re really easy to move and store, which saves a lot of money on transportation and storage costs.

        What other kinds of biomass materials can be processed

        Biomass fuel raw materials

        Send us an inquiry now if you have any questions about our peanut shell pellet press. We are waiting to help you!

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