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500kg/h Animal Feed Pellet Production Line

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Durable Machinery Co., Ltd. presents the 500kg/h animal feed pellet production line, a comprehensive machinery set designed for producing feed pellets. With the capacity to produce 500kg of feed pellets per hour, this line encompasses processes including raw material crushing and mixing, pellet making, and sifting. Each process involves various machines, collectively ensuring the automatic production of high-quality feed pellets in large quantities.

Advantages of the 500kg/h Feed Pellet Production Line:

  • Space-efficient and highly automated.
  • Capable of producing smooth and durable pellets suitable for all animal types.
  • The produced pellets are highly nutritional and cater to the growth requirements of animals.

Raw Materials:

  • Cereals: soybean, soybean meal, maize, corn, sorghum, wheat flour, etc.
  • Coarse Fiber: crop stalks, chaff, grass, alfalfa, rice husk, etc.
  • Additives: molasses, vegetable oil, amino acids, bone meal, vitamins, etc.


The animal feed pellet machine is widely utilized in aquaculture, grain feed processing plants, animal farms, poultry farms, individual farmers, small and medium-sized farms, and small feed mills.

Animal Feed Pellet Production Line
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