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Hookah Shisha Charcoal Production Line

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Hookah has a rich cultural heritage and is in high demand in the Middle East, Asia, and some European countries. With the advancement of globalization and cultural exchanges, the hookah culture has gradually spread to more regions, providing a wide market for developing hookah Shisha charcoal. Durable Machinery is committed to providing customers with high-efficiency, high-yield customized hookah charcoal production lines.

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The complete production process of hookah charcoal production line includes the following steps:

carbonization → crushing → mixing → molding → cutting → drying → packaging

Carbonization[Continuous Carbonization Furnace]

It is used for the mass production of rice husk charcoal and coconut shell charcoal. This industrial charcoal carbonizing furnace kiln is the upgrade of the traditional earth charcoal kiln in many Africa areas.

Wood hammer crusher mill

Crushing[Wood Hammer]

If the raw material is fruitwood, hardwood, etc., after carbonization, a grinder should be used to crush the charcoal into fine charcoal powder.

Mixing[Lump Charcoal Grinder]

During the mixing process, the charcoal crusher stirs and crushes to remove the air between the material particles, so that the mixed material has uniform moisture and good mixing effect.

briquette machine

Molding[Briquette Charcoal Extruder]

The charcoal briquetting machine is commonly used to form charcoal powder and anthracite into briquettes. It is a common piece of equipment in charcoal briquette production lines, often combined with a wheel mill mixer and a briquette cutter.

Cutting[Charcoal Briquettes Cutting Machine]

When we want to process charcoal briquettes and briquettes with the same specifications, we usually need to cut the briquettes.Durable Machinery currently has three main types of automatic charcoal briquette cutting machines for different customers to choose from.

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