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Biomass Briquetting Machine Introduction

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The Biomass Briquetting Machine is essential for processing various types of biomass briquettes, including pini kay, sawdust, and rice husk, for use as fuel or for carbonization into charcoal briquettes.

It features a delicate and specially designed structure, with each part serving a specific function.

Biomass Briquetting Machine Introduction

The main structure of the biomass briquettes extruder machine includes:

  • Feeding Part: Consists of a feed hopper and an internal screw propeller, designed to ensure constant speed and prevent clogging while pushing the material forward.
  • Heating Part: Comprises heating wires, heating ferrules, and electrical components. The heating ring uniformly heats the sawdust passing through the forming cylinder and requires regular replacement.
  • Forming Part: Includes a molding cylinder with different shapes (quadrilateral and hexagonal), allowing for the processing of biomass briquettes of different shapes by replacing the forming molds.
  • PLC Controller: The built-in electrical control system fixed on the body, containing essential components such as power switch, emergency stop button, temperature display, voltmeter, and ammeter.
Screw propeller
Heating coils
Heating coils
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