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What are the differences between briquettes and pellets

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Briquette and pellet are both forms of biomass fuel that are created by compressing biomass materials under high pressure. They share some similarities but also have some key differences.

First, let’s talk about what they have in common. Both briquette and pellet are made by compressing biomass materials like rice husk, wheat straw, maize stalks, sawdust, and wood chips. This compression process increases the bulk density of the raw materials, making them easier to transport and store. Both of these fuels can be used as renewable energy sources to replace fossil fuels like coal or natural gas. They can be used for heating or power production in both domestic and industrial settings.

Raw Material of BBQ Charcoal

Now, let’s look at the differences between briquette and pellet. The main difference lies in their shape and size. Briquettes are typically larger and have a more irregular shape, while pellets are smaller and have a uniform, cylindrical shape. This difference in size and shape can affect how they are used and how efficiently they burn.

Another difference is in the production process. While both fuels go through a similar processing sequence, the specific steps and equipment used may vary slightly. For example, the drying and pulverizing steps may be adjusted to account for the different material attributes of the biomass being used.

In summary, both briquette and pellet are compressed forms of biomass that can be used as renewable fuels. They share some similarities in terms of their production process, density, and uses. However, they differ in their shape, size, and specific production steps, which can affect their performance and efficiency. Understanding these differences can help users make better use of these two biomass fuels.

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