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How to Fix Common Issues with Your Briquetting Machine

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The charcoal briquetting machine is a machine that squeezes and shapes biomass particles, like sawdust, straw, and rice husks. It doesn’t need any glue to work. Under high heat and pressure, the solid rod is pushed out through a hole in the middle.

The carbon rods made by this machine are dense, small, and easy to light. They’re a great alternative to firewood and coal. Most often, the products are shaped like cylinders with four or six sides. They can have outer diameters of 48, 50, or 80 mm, and holes of 15-20 mm.

Here are some common issues you might run into when using the briquetting machine, and we’ll help you fix them:

Why is the power light on the console not on?

a. The machine isn’t plugged in.Make sure the machine is properly connected to a power source.
b. The fuse might be burned out.Try replacing the fuse with a new one.
c. The indicator light itself could be broken.Replace the light bulb.

Why is the heating temperature rising slowly and not reaching 350 degrees?

a. The voltage for the briquette machine might be too low.Check the voltage for the briquette machine.
b. The heating ring in the machine might be broken.Replace the broken heating ring.
c. When you replaced the heating wire, you might have chosen the wrong type.Make sure to use the right wire when replacing it.

Why does the briquette have a solid core? 

a. The propeller tip might be bent or out of shape.Adjust the propeller tip so it’s straight and in line.
b.The propeller tip might not be smooth.Make sure to smooth out the propeller tip.

Why does the briquette have so many cracks?

a. The temperature might be too high.Let the temperature cool down slowly.
b. The propeller might need repairs.Adjust the propeller’s thread angle and increase the pressure.
c. The mold could be worn out.Replace or fix the mold.
d. The raw material might have low lignin.Add more raw materials that have a higher lignin content, or swap out the ones that have already been fermented.

Durable Machinery’s new biomass briquetting machine features a timeless design, expanded shaft seat and feed port castings, plus a longer propeller shaft. This makes the finished product more efficient and extends the machine’s lifespan. For more info, email us at [email protected] or Whatsapp +8618638523501.

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