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What can I do if my briquettes break easily

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1.Choose the Right Materials

To prevent your briquettes from breaking, start with the materials. Make sure the particles are the right size and all the same. Choose a pressing process that works best for your material. If you’re using wet pressing (adding water), be careful with how much water you use. And if you’re using binders, mix them in the right amount and evenly. Also, make sure you have a steady supply of materials.

2.Adjust the Equipment

Once your materials are good, you might need to adjust your equipment to prevent broken briquettes and make better ones.

(1) Adjust the settings on your briquetting machine based on the process you’re using. Test it without any material first, then with some. The installer can help you get the pressure and speed just right.

(2) Adjusting the rollers can be a bit tricky. Make sure the roller skin is installed evenly. Then, use the bolts to move the place where the briquette fits on the skin. You can find more info on how to do this in the machine’s manual.

n summary, solving the problem of brittle briquettes requires attention to both material selection and equipment adjustment. By carefully selecting raw materials, adjusting the pressing process, and properly setting the equipment parameters, we can significantly improve the forming rate of briquettes, reduce breakage during transportation and use, and thereby enhance production efficiency and lower production costs.

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