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Core Gear for Large-Scale Briquette Production Line

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In the production line of a large-scale briquette machine, certain equipment is indispensable. Failing to include these machines can seriously hamper production and lead to reduced operational efficiency. So, what equipment is absolutely necessary for a briquette production line? The core equipment includes a wood crusher, a dryer, a briquette press, and a carbonizing furnace.

Briquette Production Line

Wood Crusher

First, let’s talk about the wood crusher. Apart from pure sawdust, virtually all other raw materials require processing through a wood crusher before they can be used to make briquettes. Since only a handful of customers rely solely on pure sawdust as their raw material, the vast majority of customers — a whopping 99% — need to invest in a wood crusher. Without it, the raw material simply cannot be prepared for the next stage of production.


Moving on to the dryer. For small-scale, household production, a dryer might not be strictly necessary. In such cases, raw materials can be spread out on the ground to dry. But for commercial production, a dryer becomes a must-have. Spreading raw materials to dry not only requires ample space but also consumes a significant amount of time, which can significantly impact the overall production of charcoal. An airflow sawdust dryer efficiently dries wet sawdust by continuously feeding powdered material into a drying tube. As high-speed hot air circulates, it vaporizes the moisture in the wet material, achieving the drying process. This dryer typically comprises an air heater, feeder, airflow drying pipe, cyclone separator, and fan.

Briquette Machine

Then, the briquette machine itself. It goes without saying that a briquette machine is absolutely essential for charcoal production. Without it, the raw material cannot be transformed into the desired briquettes.

Carbonizing Furnace

Lastly,the carbonizing furnace.It is a crucial component in our production line, replacing the traditional kiln carbonization method, which has been banned due to its severe environmental impact. This modern furnace is equipped with an advanced flue gas purification system that not only cleans the emitted gases but also recovers valuable by-products like wood tar and wood vinegar liquid. This innovation not only solves the pollution problem but also speeds up the carbonization process, indirectly boosting our overall production efficiency.

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