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How to use bamboo to produce bamboo charcoal

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Can bamboo be used to make charcoal? Of course. Bamboo is one of the high-quality raw materials for making mechanism charcoal, and the remaining bamboo chips and bamboo powder after production can also be used to make mechanism charcoal. This kind of bamboo charcoal not only has a smooth surface and hard texture of the carbon rod, but also has good adsorption power, which is very popular among consumers in the market.

waste bamboo

Bamboo chips for charcoal production

If it is waste bamboo chips, it is even simpler. Usually it doesn’t need to be crushed again, and can be produced directly by using equipment such as dryer, rod making machine and carbonization furnace. It is important to note that these bamboo chips should be ≤ 5cm in size.These equipments press bamboo powder and bamboo chips into shape, and then after high temperature carbonization, charcoal is finally made.

rod making machine
carbonization furnace

Bamboo for charcoal production

If it is waste bamboo, it needs to be crushed first using a crusher. Then it will be dried, molded and carbonized to get bamboo charcoal.

different sizes of the chips

Durable Machinery has been developing charcoal machines for ten years and has a complete charcoal production line. The raw material can be not only bamboo, but also coconut shell, rice husk, wood, etc. Crusher, dryer, carbonization furnace, mixer, rod making machine, the above equipments can be determined according to your needs. The equipment ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, according to the output to determine.

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